Are You Ignoring these Signs of Water Heater Repair in Arlington Heights?

by | Feb 24, 2023 | Heating Contractor

So many people take their water heaters for granted and are genuinely shocked when they stop working. However, water heaters don’t last forever and don’t stop working out of the blue. If you want to avoid being surprised by an icy stream of water, pay attention to these signs, which indicate it’s time to call for water heater repair in Arlington Heights.

Water Temperature Becomes Irregular

When your water heater’s working well, you should always have consistent temperatures. If you notice the water takes too long to heat up and then cools off quickly, the appliance might have a malfunctioning burner.

Another reason for fluctuating water temperatures is sediment buildup in the water heater. Flushing the water heater once a year can prevent this buildup and could solve your water heating issues.

The Water Heater Makes Weird Sounds

Water heaters will make a sound when they turn on and heat the water, but they shouldn’t make loud, obnoxious sounds. If your water heater makes a popping or slapping sound, there could be sediment in the tank that’s heating up and exploding.

Flushing the water heater could fix the problem, but you still want to have the appliance checked out. If the heater’s been making these sounds for some time, interior components might be damaged and need replacing.

When In Doubt, Call a Local Plumber

There’s never any harm in calling a plumber to check out your water heater if you suspect there’s a problem. Contact Gleason Heating and Air Conditioning for water heater repair in Arlington Heights, IL.

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