Clear Signs That It’s a Good Idea to Hire a Residential Electrician

by | Oct 2, 2019 | Air Conditioning

Don’t panic if the lights go out. With a residential electrician in Baton Rouge, your power could be back on in no time. However, if you keep a watchful eye, then you can prevent your house from ever losing power in the first place. You see, when your electrical system is struggling, it usually tells you so before completely going dark. Listed below are some signs that you may lose power soon and should call in an electrician before your lights go out completely.

Old System

Everyone loves an old house, but no one likes old electrical systems. Despite their charm and beauty, old houses often have inadequate, out-dated wiring and should be updated immediately or you risk a fire.

Flickering and Dimming

When your system is overloaded, it’s likely to dim or flicker. When you see this, know that it’s possibly your electrical system telling you that it is overloaded. Overloaded circuits can lead to fire and should be addressed by a residential electrician in Baton Rouge as soon as possible.

Hot and Shocking

Nothing in the long chain of your electrical system should ever give you a shock or be hot to the touch. Both are signs that your system needs repairing somewhere. A call to a residential electrician in Baton Rouge will get the problem solved.

Rust and Water

Everyone knows that electricity and water should never mix. If you notice any signs of water near any part of your electrical system like the breaker boxes, then you may have a serious electrical problem brewing. If you spot rust on any of the boxes, receptacles or wiring, then you know that water or moisture is present, and an electrician should address the situation.

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