How the Climate Relates to Air Conditioning System Installation in Bellingham, WA

by | Aug 8, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Northwestern Washington has one of the coolest climates in the entire country during the summer. Its northern location combined with being situated on the coast accounts for the relatively low temperatures. Air Conditioning System Installation in Bellingham WA still is requested for many homes because people want climate control on days that do get hot.

Relevant Statistics

Statistics aren’t available on the percentage of residents or numbers of homes in and around Bellingham with central air. Seattle, about 90 miles to the south, is reported to be the U.S. metro area with the second-lowest percentage of central air in residential settings. About 16 percent of homes there have central air compared with about 67 percent in the rest of the country. In new houses in the Puget Sound area, the frequency is somewhat higher, at around 25 percent.

The lowest percentage of central air in a U.S. metropolitan area? That would be San Francisco and the bay area, according to a report in the San Francisco Business Times.

Central Air in New Houses

New home building contractors often arrange for air conditioning system installation in Bellingham WA because they know it boosts the speed of sale for houses they build on spec. All other things being equal, real estate shoppers will choose a new house with central air over one that does not have it. Even if they only turn the system on five or six times a year, they want to have that option.

Tough it Out?

People who buy a house that doesn’t have central air figure they’ll just tough it out on those days. Installation professionals from companies like Lynden Sheet Metal, however, always expect to become very busy when the temperature moves into the high 80s or warmer. The demand for central air is stronger then, as area residents decide they’ve had enough of sweating in front of the TV, trying to stay cool with fans.

With the weather being warmer than usual in many parts of the country over the past several years, it’s no wonder that central air is becoming more prevalent in northwestern Washington. Browse our website to learn more about one particular company’s services.

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