Is it Time for a New Heating Installation in Cleveland Oh?

Heating and cooling systems are designed to last for many years before they need replacing. When the unit begins to show signs of serious issues, it is then necessary to make arrangements for a new Heating Installation in Cleveland Oh. Here are some of the more common signs that indicate the time has come to talk with a contractor.

Different Temperatures in Each Room

Although the system is operated using a central set of controls, there is a definite difference in the temperature in each of the rooms. That was not the case in the past. In fact, it is only with this season that it seems to be cooler in some rooms and hotter in others. Before jumping to any conclusions, it pays to have a contractor take a look at the system. Some type of repair could remedy the situation. If the issue is that the system is wearing out, and the cost of repairs is prohibitive, it is time to think about a new Heating Installation in Cleveland Oh.

Things That Go Bump in the Night

The system used to operate with almost no sound at all. Other than the forced air coming through the vents, it was hard to tell when the unit cycled on and off. For the last several months, the system makes an audible thump whenever it cycles on. Lately, some rattling during operation has developed. If the repair technician finds that these issues are due to major components wearing out, it may be time to consider looking at replacement units.

Higher Energy Bills

There is no doubt that the older unit is consuming more energy. Even though the weather is around the average temperature for the season, the monthly bill is higher than ever. After making sure, there has not been a rate increase, check the amount of power used. If it is much higher than for the same period last year, it is time to talk with a contractor about a new unit.

For any homeowner who believes a new system is in order, visit A New Image Heating & Cooling and arrange for a contractor to visit the home. If a replacement is necessary, the professional can help the homeowner identify one that is energy efficient and will keep the home comfortable in all sorts of weather.

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