Three Signs It’s Time to Schedule Heat Pump Repair in Virginia Beach

The heat pump is a fantastic system that can keep your home warm during the cold season. It also has cooling functions, allowing it to cool your interior when it’s hot. Thus, always monitoring your heat pump to identify when it needs repair is paramount. Various signs can tell when to schedule repair services for your heat pump.

1. Strange Noises

You should schedule heat pump repair in Virginia Beach for your system if it generates strange noises other than the usual humming sound. Banging noises usually indicate broken components, whereas hissing sounds signal gas leaks. An expert will repair the issues causing the noises to ensure quiet operations.

2. Lack of Warm Air

Since the main work of the heat pump is to provide warm air, you should have yours repaired if it is not generating anything. The issue could be a result of clogged air filters, a damaged thermostat, or leaky ductwork. Proper heat pump repair services in Virginia Beach by a pro will make your system deliver warm air.

3. High Energy Bills

Consider repair services for your heat pump if your energy bills increase beyond average levels when heating. A pro will repair different parts of your heat pump to make it efficient. As a result, your system will consume less energy and lower your bills.

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