3 Reasons To Have A Full Home Inspection Before Replacing Your HVAC System

The idea of replacing your current system with a better solution for heating and air Charleston SC has been on your mind for some time. One question you have has to do with preparing the home for a new system. Would it be worth the time and expense to have the home inspected before selecting a new system? The answer is yes. Here are three reasons why an inspection makes sense.

The Old System Was Never A Good Fit

A previous owner installed the system and it seems that cost was the primary reason for investing in the unit. Unfortunately, that means the current system has never done the best job of heating and cooling the home. Rather than use it as a standard for a new unit, why not start fresh? The results of a home inspection will make it easier to choose a new system that’s right for the space.

You’ve Added To The Home In Recent Years

Maybe your current solution for heating and air Charleston SC was fine until you decided to add another bedroom and adjoining bath to the home. Now the system has to work harder in order to keep those spaces at a comfortable temperature. Make sure the new system takes into account the additional square footage so you can enjoy the highest possible level of energy efficiency.

It May Be Time For New Duct Work

There are times when the duct system of your old HVAC setup will work fine with a new unit. At other times, you may need to make some changes. If a contractor inspects the home, it will be easier to decide if you need to run any new duct work, install another air return, or make any other changes before the new unit for heating and air Charleston SC is installed.

Remember that your investment in a new HVAC unit should make the home more comfortable while decreasing your monthly utility costs. With help from the right contractor, those two benefits are more likely to occur.

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to learn more about our repair and replacement options.

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