3 Signs When Homeowners Know Their Air Conditioner Needs Replacement

by | Mar 31, 2020 | HVAC Contractor

Those in an existing home might not know the age of their HVAC unit. The manufacturer plate is on the outside unit. It might say “MFR DATE” or it could have a multi-digit number. The first three numbers are the manufacturing date.

The first number is the year of manufacture. The second two are the week of manufacture. So, a number beginning with 421 means your unit was made the 21st week of 2004. Your unit’s age determines whether you need at St. Louis HVAC contractor. What are other signs you need a new unit?

Mechanical Problems

A well-maintained unit should be silent. Noises mean the motors and/or other components need replacing.

Bad Indoor Air Quality

Homeowners noticing mold and mildew, dust and dirt despite changing the filters, and abnormal humidity levels should know their unit needs replacement.

Temperature Fluctuations

A unit unable to maintain set temperature levels needs help. If you’ve changed the filters regularly and kept the outside fins clean and the unit still can’t maintain a regular temperature, it could be due to separated or cracked ducts, a damaged thermostat, low cooling liquid, or a damaged motor. These problems require a St. Louis HVAC contractor.

Homeowners noticing these signs need a new unit. They should weigh the price of a new unit against the price of present repairs added to their power bill. A unit working harder to cool your house costs more money. Today’s units are more energy efficient and will cost less to cool your house in the long run. Classic Aire Care will help with your new unit when you contact us.

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