3 Things to Do First If Your Charleston HVAC Stops Working

by | Jul 11, 2022 | Heating & Air Conditioning

Having reliable air conditioning is a must in the South. The first instinct of homeowners whose Charleston HVAC systems aren’t properly working might be to panic. Instead of assuming the worst, do these three things.

  1. Check the Circuit Breaker

Sometimes the air conditioner’s circuit trips. This problem might happen if a power surge or power goes out during a storm. Head to the main electrical panel and find the circuit labeled “HVAC” or “air conditioner.” If it’s in the “off” position, flip it to the “on” position.

Did this work? Was the circuit not tripped? If these conditions are present, move on to the next tip.

  1. Check the Switch on the System

Some air conditioners switch on the central unit that controls the power. The switch may have an issue with it. Sometimes, the switch can accidentally get switched off. Contact a qualified service technician to determine what’s causing the problem.

  1. Check the Outside Condenser for Obstructions

Whether one has a ductless or ducted HVAC system, they have an outside unit. Because the system’s outside, it’s at risk of debris building up inside it. When there’s too much debris like leaves, sticks, or grass clippings, the fan inside of it can’t move. Try removing any noticeable debris and see if the situation resolves itself. 

Homeowners still experiencing problems with their Charleston HVAC should contact licensed professionals for help to address the problem immediately.

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