Beat the Midwestern Winter Before It Arrives in Chicago, IL!

by | Aug 16, 2022 | Air Conditioning

Chicago winters are notorious for being especially cold, messy, and brutal. It’s all Lake Michigan’s fault, to be sure, but hardy Chicagoans know they should be prepared in advance. The lake effect ice and snow and the frozen winds coming off the lake make you want to dart inside and crank up the furnace. Don’t get caught unawares by your furnace this winter when it doesn’t work! Furnace installation in Chicago has started already, with the smartest Chicagoans checking and installing new furnaces ahead of the bad winter weather.

Book Your Appointment Now

Sure, its summer, and your A/C is cranked up high, but the chill of winter can be felt in early fall weather too. Book an appointment for a new furnace installation in Chicago now so that you don’t end up freezing a few months from now. Considering that many contractors, including HVAC contractors, are several months behind on their projects, you want to be sure you are scheduled and “in line,” so to speak, for your install or furnace maintenance.

If You Have Central Air, Your A/C Affects Your Furnace

Homeowners tend to forget that central air conditioning runs through the same forced air system as their heat. Running your A/C on high all summer can actually affect how well your heat operates in the fall and winter. You are wearing out the blowers, fans, and motors used to make and move heat, which is often the reason why your furnace quits the minute you turn on the heat in fall. Contact Deljo Heating and Cooling for more information.

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