Common AC Repairs in Mt Pleasant SC

by | Dec 31, 2020 | Heating & Air Conditioning

If the AC unit stops functioning properly for any reason, AC Repairs in Mt Pleasant SC become essential. This type of repair can be costly if the system has not been maintained correctly. Certain problems tend to arise with these systems and homeowners need to be aware of what to look for and when to call in a technician.

Clogged Filters

When a filter becomes dirty or clogged, it interferes with the proper operation of the system. Read the material that came with the unit to determine how often filters need to be changed and whether they are reusable or must be thrown away. To determine if a filter needs changing, hold it up to the light. If no light passes through the filter, it needs to be changed or clean. A dirty air filter reduces the system’s airflow and may also lead to the unit freezing, so this is one task that needs to be carried out regularly.

One of the typical reasons air conditioners don’t work properly is a clogged or dirty filter. Follow the manufacturer’s suggestions as to how often to change your air filter. Some are monthly, others every three months, while some are reusable and should be cleaned when they are dirty. One way to determine if a filter needs to be cleaned is to check if any light passes through it. If not, it’s time to clean it. Dirty filters not only reduce the flow of air but can also cause the AC unit to freeze.

Thermostat Issues

If the system isn’t working as anticipated, the first thing to check is the thermostat. The problem may simply be that someone else in the family changed the settings. If this isn’t the case, the thermostat may be in direct sunlight and this is throwing off the readings or someone may have bumped into the unit and it’s no longer level. These are all simple fixes that can have the system operating properly again in very short order.

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