Common Problems Faced During Air Conditioning Installation

by | Jan 30, 2018 | HVAC Contractor

Nothing goes smoothly 100% of the time, which includes air conditioning installation. Even the most reputable and responsible companies can make mistakes. The difference between the amateurs and the professionals is that an amateur may have no idea they made a mistake. A professional will do anything possible to rectify the problem, whether it is their mistake or not.

Here are some of the most common issues that come up during AC installation.

Installing an air conditioner that is the improper size may be the most common problem there is. Being too large or too small can lead to further issues down the road. The way to avoid this problem, for an AC contractor, is to ensure a proper load calculation is processed. This means the company visits your home and inspects it before making a quote. They’ll use information about your home to determine the right equipment to install.

Undersized systems are not going to be capable of providing the cooling that you need. Oversized systems are going to be built to do more than you need, which means that you’ll end up paying higher utility bills and often have a system that breaks down early.

Another big problem is ductwork that is not sized correctly. The load calculation mentioned earlier should be used with ductwork decisions, as well. When you have ducts that are too small, this can make your system run less efficiently. It can also overwork the AC system and cause components to break.

On the subject of ducts, not sealing them in the correct way can also be a problem. When the ducts aren’t sealed correctly, cooling can move into the attic or other rooms that don’t require it. This leads to spending more on your utilities as you cool somewhere that does not need to be.

Improperly installed drains can also be a problem when working with AC installation. The most common issue here is when a drain line is installed but without an overflow pan. If the drain begins to leak, for whatever reason, it will have nowhere to go and instead leak through your walls of ceiling. You can see how this can be a major issue.

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