Comparing Commercial HVAC Contractors In Portland

As a building owner or manager, or as a plant or facilities operator or owner, choosing the right commercial HVAC service is important. Generally, for new building construction, replacing existing systems or modernizing and retrofitting old systems, choosing the best commercial HVAC contractors should be a priority.

Not all Portland HVAC contractors offer the same services. While it is often a primary consideration to look at the total on the bottom of the proposal, there are several other factors to consider when comparing commercial HVAC contractors.

The Scope of Past Projects

Many companies offering their services as commercial HVAC contractors have limited experience in all aspects of HVAC work. Top companies like MacDonald-Miller provide full-services from designing a custom system to installation, maintenance services, and 24/7 repairs.

The more comprehensive the services the HVAC contractor can provide, the more efficient they can be in managing the system and maintaining it for top efficiency. Reviewing the expertise and experience of the contractor as well as the types of projects the company has completed in the past provides a clear picture of their ability to take on your project.

Reputation in the Industry

While Portland is a big area, the reputation of the best contractors as well as the reputation of contractors to avoid is not hard to find. Online reviews, references, recommendations and simply asking other business owners who have worked with t contractors are all simple ways to find out this important information.

Full-Service HVAC Companies

It is always beneficial if the contractor handling the design and installation can also be the company to continue with routine maintenance and repairs for the system. With knowledge of the system and with a full understanding of the equipment in use, working with one company builds efficiency and helps to lower the cost of the ongoing operation of the HVAC system over time.

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