Easy Tips to Make Your AC Last

by | Oct 23, 2018 | Air Conditioning Contractors, Heating Installation, Repair & Service

Make your AC last. Here’s how.

Replace your air filters

If you’ve got poor airflow, you may have a clogged or dirty air filter, the Houselogic reveals. It’s easy enough to replace these. However, if you’re pressed for time or you’d rather not follow online instructions on how to toss your old filters and put new ones in place, then hire pros to do it.

Get repair assistance at once

Air conditioning systems have an average lifespan of about 12 years. If your unit is acting up and it’s only been six years or less, put in a call to a service firm for air conditioning repair in Fort Walton Beach as soon as possible. Early repairs can do a lot to reduce the amount of damage to your system so that it can give you a few more years.

Hire a qualified technician

Don’t hire a service firm until after you’ve checked its background. Does it employ licensed technicians? It should. How long has it been in business? More than a few years now? That’s great. Those are indications that you’re calling the right team for air conditioning repair in Fort Walton Beach.

Read up reviews

Find out more information about the firm before you hire one. What do the reviews say? Do many customers complain about the firm’s services? Or are they happy with the customer service levels? Are the technicians qualified and professional? Do they arrive on time? Read through the feedback to find out.

Know and recognize the signs

Pay attention to the signs that your AC is in trouble. If strange sounds are coming out from the unit every time you use it, if there are burnt smells issuing out or if there’s little to no air, then you’ll want to have your unit checked by pros. Schedule an appointment when you contact Peaden.

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