Factors To Consider Before Calling an AC Contractor in Wyoming, MI

by | Jun 1, 2018 | HVAC Contractor

While portable and window units are effective when only one room needs to be cooled, central HVAC units have the power to cool the entire home. Central air keeps the family cool and comfortable on the hottest summer days and improves indoor air quality as well. Before calling an AC Contractor in Wyoming MI, take these factors into account.


Cooling load is the level of cooling a system provides. It varies according to home size, window and door sizes, insulation levels, and more. Ideally, units should be sized by air conditioning contractors who consider all the above factors. It’s important not to estimate size haphazardly. Buying a too-large unit means the home won’t fully remove humidity, while a too-small unit won’t keep the home cool on hot days.

Energy Efficiency

Cooling and heating make up approximately 40-60 percent of a homeowner’s energy costs. Choosing the most efficient system possible will help customers keep their carbon footprint and energy bills low. When a unit has a SEER rating of 14.5 or above, savings from reduced energy use will grow over the unit’s lifetime.


New, energy-efficient units are usually quieter than those made in the past, but there’s still a substantial range in today’s products. Air conditioner sound ratings are given in bels. The lower the rating, the less sound the unit emits. Choose an HVAC system with a sound rating of 7.6 bels or lower.

Warranty Coverage

While equipment warranties may vary according to the manufacturer, many of today’s top-rated models are covered for up to ten years. Look for the longest warranty possible, and read it carefully so its requirements are understood.


A reputable AC contractor in Wyoming MI is an important factor in the overall investment. As with other professional services, ask for referrals and get quotes from several contractors. Local HVAC contractors will calculate the home’s cooling load, provide information on the unit’s SEER rating, answer warranty questions, and set up a service contract.

A new, efficient HVAC unit balances comfort with cost savings. Call today to reduce the effect of air conditioning on the family’s energy bill and enjoy year-round comfort. Visit us online or call today to schedule service.

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