Items to Prepare for a Residential Air Conditioning Installation in Charleston, SC

by | Jul 27, 2016 | Air Conditioning

Incorporating an air conditioning system can enhance the living conditions of the house. Once the unit is chosen according to the square footage and configuration of the home, the next step in the process is to prepare for the installation. These are a few items to get ready ahead of time. This way, the unit can be installed and start operating that same day.

One of the items to prepare for the Residential Air Conditioning Installation in Charleston SC is the platform for the unit. The platform is a support structure designed to keep the unit out of the moist soil. In most cases, this is composed of concrete because it is typically the strongest material available for a support structure. Because concrete does have a curing time, it must be poured well before the day of installation.

Another item to prepare is the duct work. If this is the first time the home will have air conditioning, this system must be installed prior to the installation day. The duct work is an essential part of ferrying the cold air around the house. Since it can take several days to run the duct work, this installation should be scheduled prior to the placement of the unit. If the home already has air conditioning, then all that is needed is an inspection and cleaning of the duct work.

The electrical system also needs to be prepared for the Residential Air Conditioning Installation in Charleston SC. Many air conditioning units have a lifespan of twenty years. If the electrical system hasn’t been evaluated during that time, it is likely old. Some of the wiring and breakers may need to be replaced prior to the electrical hookup of a new system. If the home has never had air conditioning, an electrician will need to add a new breaker into the panel to accommodate this large item.

Getting a new unit can upgrade the entire house. While picking the right unit will maximize energy efficiency, the installation can be delayed if these items aren’t taken care of first. Contact Preferred Home Services for more information regarding air conditioning units and the installation process.

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