Medical Grade Freezers for Pharmaceutical and Vaccine Storage in California

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Refrigeration

Medical grade freezers and refrigerators are built with a heavy-duty design in a range of capacities specifically for conserving medical equipment, flammable materials, specimens, and vaccines. The pharmaceutical-applicable freezers work for clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, research labs, surgeries, transport, and other medically-oriented locations.

Specialized Construction

Pharmaceutical storage freezers construction in California has a distinct purpose that sets it apart from the manufacture of standard units: consistently maintaining precise temperatures at all times. They often incorporate alarms to warn of changes in temperature and keep records to track performance and deviations. They can also contain vaccine storage-relevant features, including those pertaining to vaccines and components for Covid-19. Features can include heave protection for under-floor frost, automated doors, condensation protection, humidity control, and sanitary designs.

Consistent Temperatures and Vaccines

The importance of temperature maintenance in the case of vaccine storage is of extreme importance. Pharmaceutical-freezer construction must take into account the critical component of temperature, sometimes at levels of extreme cold, to preserve the effectiveness and viability of vaccines. Cold storage manufacturers can custom build vaccine storage to support cold chains for safe and effective vaccine administration.

Multiple Applications

Pharmaceutical storage freezers construction in California fashions medical-grade freezers in multiple sizes for a range of applications. Units can include anything from small designs for bench or tabletops to large-scale upright designs to conveniently accommodate larger amounts of chemicals, reagents, or other products.

Reliable Industry Experts

Experienced refrigeration engineers, delivering cold-storage solutions for major carriers and brands for more than 40 years can create custom storage, cold rooms, and transportation for multiple applications. Scenarios can include storage and transfer for Covid-19 vaccines, research facilities, medical laboratories, transportation, end-use, and diagnostic centers.

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