Noises Indicating a Possible Need for Emergency HVAC Service in Chicago

by | Feb 6, 2023 | Air Conditioning

A furnace making unusual noises should not be ignored. Calling a contractor providing emergency HVAC in Chicago is advisable unless the household can avoid running the equipment until regular repair work can be scheduled. Otherwise, they risk the possibility of the problem worsening and the furnace breaking down.


Grinding sounds may indicate issues with the bearings. These parts might simply need lubrication, or they could be worn out and require replacement. Inadequate lubrication can occur when the homeowners have not scheduled maintenance service for a few years.


Banging noises before the appliance turns on are actually tiny explosions. This happens when the ignition is delayed long enough for a small amount of gas to accumulate. Emergency HVAC in Chicago is crucial since those explosions can crack the air exchanger. This damage is irreparable, and it’s dangerous because carbon monoxide leaks into the building. The only solution is to replace the air exchanger or the entire furnace. Both are substantially more expensive than emergency services.

If the ignition delay reaches a certain number of seconds, a safety device shuts the equipment down. Otherwise, a more serious situation could develop. Emergency service will be required to fix the problem and return the furnace to good working order.


Popping sounds typically are normal after the furnace first turns on. Warm air moves through ducts that have become cool since the last cycle, causing the expanding metal to make noise. When the sound is different than what the household is used to, though, it might indicate a problem. Dirty burners, for instance, can make louder noises.

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