Office Building Too Warm? Call For Air Conditioning Installation in Queens NY

by | May 23, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

It takes some of the largest HVAC agencies in the city of New York to install the extremely large air conditioners seen on the tops of buildings. They have to be very knowledgeable in order to work on equipment that’s quite out of date. There are many different kinds of systems operating in a city with hundreds of buildings. Eventually, all of them will need to be repaired or replaced. Today, there are many companies that offer highly advanced systems to these businesses. They perform so efficiently that they use a lot less energy than the older models.

Inter County Mechanical Corp is one of the largest agencies in the Long Island area. When new buildings are being constructed, or an air conditioning system breaks down on an older building, they’re one of the most reliable companies in the area to call.

In a city as large as New York, there are many other businesses that provide maintenance repairs, along with Air Conditioning Installation in Queens NY. Some of the systems they repair are air conditioning, boilers and furnaces, exhaust fans, split systems, heat pumps, refrigeration, cooling towers, and chillers.

A few of the brand name models they specialize in repairing are Lennox, Trane, Mammoth, Rheem, Carrier, Luxaire, York and Mitsubishi. Their business customers include banks, charitable organizations, storage facilities, country clubs, funeral and nursing homes.

They also do a lot of work for hospitals, factories, car dealerships, manufacturers, movie theaters, apartment and office buildings. Local malls, churches, bowling alleys, schools and city libraries all depend on the highly recommended companies that offer Air Conditioning Installation in Queens NY.

Any business within the New York City and Long Island area needing Air Conditioning Installation in Queens NY, or their heating and cooling system maintained by experts, should click the contact screen, and input their information on to the form. Browse here for more information.

HVAC agencies are highly trained professionals that are also active members of extremely prestigious associations pertaining to their specific type of work. Three of these associations are Building Owner’s and Manager’s Association, (BOMA); Air Conditioning Contractors of America, (ACCA); and Mechanical Service Contractors of America, (MSCA).

When a business needs the finest work performed on their HVAC equipment, call on a company that is also a member of the elite associations mentioned above.

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