How Purifying Air Conditioning Filters in Bainbridge Island Work

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Air Conditioning

Do you want to sneeze less? Do you want to experience fewer illnesses or colds? If so, you need to install an air filtration system in your home. According to research studies, the air in the home can be five times more polluted than the air you breathe outdoors. The reason for the difference is due to the trapping of particles. Particles that are not filtered can invade a home in the form of dust, smoke, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, and bacteria.

In addition, air purifiers that feature purifying air conditioning filters in Bainbridge Island are designed with smart technology. As a result, you can install a whole-house system that uses this type of technological update. Approximately 90% of particles are directed through a weak electrical field, thereby deactivating the germs caught in the filter.

How Air Purification Works

This type of air purifying system utilizes dust-eliminating air conditioning filters that offer better performance with respect to air circulation and effectiveness. For example, the unwanted particles come in contact with ionizer wires. This is where the particles are electrically charged.

Next, air flows through the media filter where the particles are trapped in the fibers. Because the filter is electrically charged, the particles adhere to the fiber and do not continue their journey into the home environment. Experts at companies such as Quality Heating & Air Conditioning state that germs are also captured and destroyed within the filter. According to statistics, deactivation percentages are almost 100%.

These kinds of purifying air conditioning filters get rid of unhealthy particles as well as eliminate bacteria and viruses. Therefore, total home comfort and a healthier environment are assured.

When installing an air conditioning system for your home, make sure you consider air purification as well. When you add this type of filter to your central heating and cooling system, you will find that you are able to breathe easier in your home environment. Click here for more details.

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