Selecting the Right Company for Wholesale Plumbing Supply

by | Jan 3, 2017 | Plumbing

The options available for procuring Wholesale Plumbing Supply are ever-increasing these days. There are still a few independent and local physical stores that provide wholesale pricing to commercial plumbers. Parts can be purchased as needed, and new fixtures or large components can be delivered to the project location.

Some companies are strictly E-commerce businesses and exist only online. Ordering is done on the site, supplies are shipped out quickly, and pricing tends to be lower due to high volume sales. Secured portals are established for payment purposes, invoicing storage, and online management of inventory. Online wholesalers are able to provide vast selections of items from several manufacturers because they are not hindered by space limitations.

Another way to have access to wide selections of Wholesale Plumbing Supply, as well as low pricing, is to select a large company with specially trained and experienced staff. A large company will have several locations to accommodate last minute needs close to just about any project or service call site. Manufacturer trained staff will have the latest information regarding new products, systems, tools, and techniques. That allows contractors to provide innovative designs and fixtures for bathroom renovation projects, save time and money on routine repairs, and keep track of the functions and features of the most-up-to-date offerings from top manufacturers.

In addition to several locations for parts and tools, a few showrooms are available to display different fixtures, appliances, cabinets, saunas, and whirlpool tubs, among other products. Creative and unique solutions for small bathroom spaces, odd-shaped kitchens, and luxury master suites are set up to offer suggestions, spark ideas, and present new possibilities. Plumbers can visit the showrooms with customers, or send customers to showrooms to pick out what they want in their homes. The staff can answer questions and make recommendations, and same-day delivery can be arranged once items are selected.

An accompanying website is available for convenience, to browse new products and old favorites, to discover locations and showroom hours, and to fill out a wholesale application. Business owners can go to to learn about their capabilities, experience, and extensive inventory. Physical locations, specialized staff, and large showrooms make experienced and larger wholesaler and distributing companies the perfect partner for plumbers, heating and cooling contractors, and renovators, as well as the general public.

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