Summer’s Just Around The Corner And Air Conditioning Repair In Oahu Can Keep You Comfortable

by | Mar 23, 2016 | Air Conditioning

The summer months are quickly approaching and Air Conditioning Repair Oahu should be performed before the peak season arrives. Air conditioners should be serviced on a yearly basis to keep energy costs low and the temperature in a home or business comfortable. Cooling agents should be checked for leaks or if they’re running low. Drain pipes that move the water away from the unit should be checked for any type of clog. Electrical connections should be examined for proper contact. All air conditioning units should be cleaned on a yearly basis as well. Dust and debris can cause the unit to work harder than is necessary and will increase energy costs. Filters should be changed regularly for proper airflow to be permitted to enter and exit the unit.

Whether a unit is a through-the-wall unit or cools an entire house, they still need to be maintained properly. Furniture should not be placed in front of the intake grill area on a unit. Filters should be changed at least every month for proper operation. Before contacting Air Conditioning Repair Oahu, make sure the thermostat is set to cool. Another item to check is the filter in the unit. If the filter is dirty with dust and debris the unit will not deliver the appropriate amount of cold air that is needed. It’s important to make sure that all registers that deliver cool air are open and the cold air returns are free from any type of blockage.

A repair service will perform basic troubleshooting techniques on the air conditioning unit. This can include checking the viability of the thermostat and that it’s working properly. If the air conditioner appears to be frozen, they will shut the unit off and let it thaw before inspecting it. If the air conditioning unit is currently not accessible because it’s in the attic or basement with items around it, remove the items to save time and money for the service call. Don’t spend another summer being uncomfortable in your home or office. Contact a repair company now before the peak season arrives. For more information, please feel free to visit Website.

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