The Importance of Scheduling Annual Air Conditioning Service in Bellingham, WA

by | May 13, 2019 | Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning has become an integral part of many homes throughout the country. In far northwestern Washington, summer temperatures usually are mild, and area residents don’t need to run their air conditioners frequently. When hot temperatures do occur, residents want to know they can rely on the equipment. Scheduling annual Air Conditioning Service in Bellingham WA makes sure there are no unnecessary breakdowns.

Scheduling Annual Maintenance

A home tends to be a sanctuary for the people who live there. When the central air system doesn’t function properly, the enjoyment and relaxation associated with the home are diminished. Yearly Air Conditioning Service in Bellingham WA typically is scheduled at the same time the heating system is maintained. Technicians inspect, clean, and adjust the equipment as needed to keep efficiency at high levels and prevent malfunctions over the next 12 months.

Additional Products and Services

Customers have the option of having other equipment installed for energy savings and better comfort. Examples of important upgrades include a programmable thermostat and a whole-house dehumidifier toimprove comfort levels. Bellingham’s weather tends to be damp and humid for most of the year. Central air conditioning does reduce humidity in the home to a certain extent, but a dehumidifier is more effective.

Staying Comfortable While Saving Energy

No matter what season it is, Bellingham residents want their homes to be comfortable with full climate control. They’ll run the furnace at least now and then during most months since the weather tends to be cool even in the summer. On hot days, they’ll appreciate the air conditioner. Most homeowners don’t think much about the equipment until it stops working, so marking the date for annual maintenance on the calendar is important.

With installation and ongoing maintenance of high-efficiency heating and cooling appliances by a contractor such as , homeowners know they aren’t spending more on climate control than they have to. They have peace of mind that equipment breakdown is unlikely, although an occasional episode may be inevitable once a furnace reaches a certain age.

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