What Are the Types of Services Provided by Heating and Cooling Companies?

by | Jun 26, 2019 | Air Conditioning

Heating and cooling companies near Warrenville, Illinois, offer a variety of services to commercial and residential customers. Here are just a few.

Seasonal Climate-control Equipment Tune-ups

A technician can provide seasonal climate-control tune-ups for air conditioners and furnaces to clean or maintain the devices. With a tune-up, the climate-control equipment is less likely to stop working on a hot day in the summer or a freezing day during the winter. In addition, regular maintenance can prolong the life of a furnace or an air conditioner so that a property owner doesn’t need to replace these expensive items frequently.

Emergency Repairs for Air Conditioners or Furnaces

Despite caring for the climate-control devices in a business or a home, there are times when the equipment will stop working. You may have a problem turning on the equipment at the thermostat, but alternatively, the air conditioner or furnace may not work optimally. If the furnace or air conditioner is making loud noises, then we recommend turning the device off immediately. As one of the leading heating and cooling companies near Warrenville, we offer emergency services at any time, and we can often arrive in an hour or less. During the winter, responding quickly to a service call is imperative. Our fast response prevents additional problems in the future, like freezing pipes.

Climate-control Equipment Installation in Homes or Businesses

Our company’s technicians have service vans that contain diagnostic equipment to determine what is wrong with an air conditioner or a furnace, and with the extra parts on the van, they can fix the climate-control devices right away. If a building has an older furnace or air conditioner that is becoming obsolete, it is often better to replace it with a new model. Blue Frost Heating & Cooling is one of the top heating and cooling companies near Warrenville, and we can provide this service. Contact us today.

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