What Will A HVAC Contractor Do Before Recommending A New System?

by | Dec 20, 2019 | Air Conditioning

You already know that the typical HVAC contractor in Tucson will help you compare replacements for your current heating and cooling system. That same professional will oversee the installation and ensure everything’s working properly. Before things get to that stage, there are some other ways the contractor will help you. Here are three examples of what this professional can do.

Conduct A Full Assessment Of Your Home

Before making any suggestions, the contractor will want to inspect the home from top to bottom. This is helpful in any case, but it’s especially productive if the home has undergone changes since the current system was installed. There may be more square footage to heat and cool now or some other aspect of the house is different. Taking those changes into account makes it easier to recommend systems capable of efficiently heating and cooling your home.

Provide Suggestions Designed to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

During the inspection and the subsequent assessment, the HVAC contractor in Tucson area may come across little things that you can do to improve the home’s general energy efficiency. Perhaps adding weather stripping to the windows will reduce air seepage. Maybe door sweeps added to the bottom of each exterior door would stop drafts. Taking those suggestions to heart could save a lot of money in the long run.

Talk With You About HVAC System Features

Since the current system has been in place for the better part of two decades, you may not be familiar with the features offered on new systems. One of more of those features could be something that you and your family would use regularly. The HVAC contractor in Tucson can go over the latest features, including how they work and why people use them. If you’re interested in any of them, the contractor will take that into account before recommending any system.

Remember that the contractor’s ultimate goal is to ensure you’re happy with the new system. That includes helping you choose wisely and improve the home so that it’s easier to heat and cool. With help from a professional, it’s possible to make a choice that serves you well for a long time.

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