3 Repairs You Can Avoid by Keeping Up with Air Conditioning Maintenance

by | Apr 26, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

The last thing you want to deal with this hot, sticky summer is a broken-down air conditioner. You can prevent trouble by providing proper air conditioning maintenance in McDonough. By keeping up with maintenance, you can prevent the following three common and costly repairs.

Frozen Coils

While an air conditioner’s evaporator coils are supposed to be cool, they should never freeze. Frozen coils can cause serious and permanent damage to your unit. Your AC’s refrigerant is meant to transfer the heat outdoors and cool the coil which in turn cools the air. If the coil is frozen, the refrigerant can’t do what it’s supposed to. Causes of a frozen coil range from a dirty air filter to a bad fan motor or low refrigerant. A technician can check all of these things for you when they perform yearly maintenance.

Water Leakage

Air conditioner leaks are often mistaken for problems with plumbing because of the huge mess they create. You could be looking at thousands of dollars worth of water damage caused by the condensate drain being clogged or damaged. A professional specializing in air conditioning maintenance in McDonough can easily inspect and clean the drain to prevent pricey fixes and damage repairs.

Unnecessary Wear and Tear

Modern air conditioners should last between 10 to 15 years, but without proper maintenance, they’ll die much sooner than that. Breakdowns happen when parts wear out or need to be adjusted or replaced. To avoid premature system failure, you’ll need to keep up with maintenance. A good technician can check every component of the air conditioning system and address any potential issues.

Air conditioning maintenance in McDonough is important to the life of your air conditioning unit. To keep your unit running smoothly year after year and provide comfortable air for your family each summer, you should get an annual maintenance checkup and hire a professional at the first sign of trouble. Visit Website for more details!

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