Three Problems That Require AC Repair in Lancaster

by | Mar 20, 2024 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Ever experienced an AC that is blowing cool, but the air is not cold? The fault could be a clogged filter or a worn-out compressor. These are among the most common problems that indicate an AC requires an expert’s attention. In case of such a problem, consulting an AC Repair in Lancaster will solve it all. A homeowner can use the tips below to identify common AC problems that may need an expert’s attention.

Electric Control Problems

Many times, AC problems originate from electric control problems. The most common being an AC that is causing the circuit breaker to cut the flow of current even after resetting it. This is an indicator that the AC unit is drawing too much power causing overheating hence the regular circuit breaking. In such a situation, always seek a professional to address the issue. This way, unnecessary damage to the AC and other electrical gadgets will not happen.

Faulty Sensor

Home air conditioners depend on the thermostat for regulation. If it’s knocked out of position, the air conditioner will cycle without stopping or shut down completely. The thermostat is the brain of the AC, and when dislodged, its normal functioning will fail. If this happens, check whether the sensor could be touching the coil. If so, adjust its position by bending the wire holding it in place, ensure the sensor is close but not in contact with the coil. Alternatively, consult an expert to avoid causing more damage.

Insufficient Maintenance

Sometimes accumulated dirt may be the cause of dysfunctional AC. Open windows or doors that are parallel to the location of the AC unit might have allowed dust to clog the AC unit. Dirty filters and AC coils will disappoint eventually. Ensure there is a consistent maintenance plan. Alternatively, contact an expert ac repair in Lancaster who will conduct a thorough cleaning of the unit.

Like any other machinery, air conditioners require regular maintenance strategy. This will take care of underlying problems that end up causing AC failure. Remember the initial installation also matters a lot. Look for credible installation firm with a good track record of excellent performance. Also, check on quality. Poor quality appliances will keep on breaking down from time to time. Contact Crowther Heating & Air Conditioning for AC maintenance and expert consultancy. Visit to schedule an appointment.

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