4 Signs It’s Time to Toss Over Your Old Unit for an AC Replacement

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Your air conditioning unit is one of the many appliances you’ll need to replace in your lifetime. Knowing when to get it done, though, will help you make better preparations when the time comes.

Here are signs to look out for. The moment you see any of these happen, you’ll need to start checking out options for AC replacement in Boerne.

Refuses to work

Don’t panic. If your AC doesn’t turn on, check the plug. If that doesn’t work, look for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers, How Stuff Works explains. If these things don’t work, then you may have a bigger problem on your hands. Get pros to check the extent of the issue and find out whether a repair or replacement is the much better option. If you need a new system, look for pros that handle AC replacement in Boerne for help and assistance.

Poor airflow

If there’s poor airflow, that can be caused by a faulty air filter. Putting in a new one can easily fix the problem. However, if the poor airflow is only indicative of the many other problems that the system has, then you may be better off with a new AC system in place.

Outdated features

If your air conditioning system is more than ten to fifteen years already, then it’s already outdated. You probably don’t have a programmable thermostat which makes life much more convenient and easier. By switching to a new unit, you can take advantage of handy features.

High energy bills

If your energy consumption bills are sky-high, your old AC may be at the crux of the problem. Outdated AC systems aren’t energy-efficient. That could be driving your bills higher. Replacing your old unit with a new one is one way to fix the problem. If you want to start lowering your bills, get a new AC.

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