5 Reasons to Call for Plumbing Services in Charleston, SC Today

On the fence about plumbing repairs? Thinking that a leaky faucet is no big deal? Some plumbing problems shouldn’t be ignored. Here are five times to always call for plumbing services in Charleston, SC.

1. Water Pressure Changes

When the water pressure drops suddenly, take this as a sign to call a plumber. Leaky or burst pipes can cause sudden pressure changes. High water pressure shouldn’t be ignored either. Figure out what’s causing the problem and stabilize the pressure to prevent pipes from bursting.

2. Lack of Hot Water

Hot water isn’t a modern-day luxury. It’s something everyone needs to for sanitation. Lack of hot water often points to a problem with the water heater. Fixing water heating issues quickly prevents long-term hot water loss.

3. Clogged Pipes

Severely clogged pipes make it difficult to use one’s plumbing. They also cause pipes to weaken and develop pinhole leaks. When plunging doesn’t cure the problem, call a plumber for more effective solutions.

4. Flooding

Flooding is never a good sign. The reason flooding happens varies. Plumbing problems that cause flooding include things such as:

• Water heater leaks

• Faulty sump pumps

• Slab leaks

• Burst pipes

After the water’s cleaned up, call a plumber to figure out what caused the problem.

5. Major Installations

Planning on remodeling the house? If new plumbing installations are part of the plan, always call a plumber to do the job. It’s not uncommon for some municipalities to require licensed plumbers to have permits when installing new plumbing or relocating existing plumbing.

To schedule plumbing services in Charleston, SC, contact Smoak’s Comfort Control online at https://www.smoakscomfort.com.

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