AC Repair in Huntsville, AL Is Required When the Outdoor Fan Does Not Turn

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Most central air conditioning problems can be prevented with annual maintenance of the system by a qualified technician. If this is not done, the need for AC Repair in Huntsville, AL becomes more likely. Also, as central air conditioning equipment is used for many years, it becomes more vulnerable to an unexpected breakdown.

Advantages of Annual Maintenance

A yearly tuneup can prevent the need for AC Repair in Huntsville, AL during an inconvenient time and it also boosts energy efficiency. Homeowners can have maintenance performed on the central air unit and the heating system during the same appointment. Now they will increase efficiency and reduce the probability of breakdowns for both devices.

During an appointment for air conditioning repair or maintenance, the technician will be happy to answer any questions the customers have about reducing energy usage and keeping the system running properly. For instance, the homeowners may have closed a vent to a room they rarely use, and they also keep the door shut as well. They wonder if this truly saves energy. It does not, because heated and cooled air continues circulating to that duct. This climate-controlled air becomes useless for the home while still costing money.

When the Fan Doesn’t Turn

A broad range of problems can result in homeowners needing to contact a contractor such as Corbin’s Your Indoor Air Quality Specialist. For instance, if the fan is not turning in the outdoor unit, this can signal a few different possible issues. The homeowners should turn off the air conditioner until the technician arrives or the compressor may burn out as it keeps trying to run.

The fan motor may have become jammed if it has not been maintained in several years. The motor can develop corrosion, or it may have become too dirty. In some cases, the entire motor must be replaced.

Another possibility when the fan does not turn is a malfunctioning start capacitor. Sometimes if the fan doesn’t turn, the thermostat is not functioning, or a circuit breaker may have shut the equipment down. A technician may need to replace an old thermostat or determine how too much electricity is being demanded at this particular breaker.

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