Air Conditioning Installation and Service in Oxford MI

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

It may seem strange to be reading about air conditioning as the fall leaves are covering the ground or when the first arctic chill of winter is setting in. But, in reality, it’s the perfect time to consider replacing an old system or having a maintenance check performed. The off-season is when demand for air conditioning services is low, wait times are not critical, and prices are a relative bargain. Also, the need is not critical the same way as that for the heating as winter approaches, so there is every reason to type “Air Conditioning Oxford MI” into a search engine right now.

If the compressor has begun showing signs of its age, and maybe has only one or two seasons of life left to it, a replacement may make more sense than a maintenance check or a repair. Why put money into an old unit that hasn’t got much longer to go anyway and may already be costing money with its inefficiency? Much better to put that service or repair fee into the cost of a new unit that will serve for a good fifteen or twenty years and is fully modern. Stand-up central air compressor models now available are built to meet all SEER standards for energy efficient operation. Single-stage, two-stage, or variable speed compressors are available to suit the needs of any given house type and size. Another desirable feature is their quietness compared to older models, with units generally operating within a sound range of 56-70 dB. This substantially reduces noise pollution and makes for a much more pleasant environment in one’s own backyard and for the neighbors as well.

And, if the compressor is only a few years old, and it’s nowhere near time to consider a replacement, then an off-season maintenance call makes sense. Technicians providing service for Air Conditioning Oxford MI residents rely upon will run through the complete diagnostic checklist to ensure all systems are functioning smoothly. Annual maintenance will help keep that compressor in good repair and extend its service life. The same applies to the main A/C system inside the house as well as for all registers and ducting.

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