An Air Conditioning Contractor in Appleton, WI Resolves Problems Caused by Good Intentions

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Air Conditioning Contractors

Sometimes, an Air Conditioning Contractor in Appleton WI is called on to correct problems caused by a different contractor that did the initial installation. This doesn’t necessarily mean that contractor did anything ethically wrong. The technicians likely followed instructions from the property owner. For example, some home builders who construct houses on spec cut costs by only having one or two return air registers in the home. Although the registers are centrally located, the devices may not be able to handle their intended purpose effectively.

Another problem for an Air Conditioning Contractor in Appleton WI involves homeowners who insist on having things done a certain way even if that’s not entirely effective. For example, they may own a ranch-style house or manufactured home without a basement. At some point, they decide to have an addition constructed at one end and a basement excavated underneath. They want a new furnace installed in the basement that will be connected to a central air unit outside. However, that equipment may not be able to send enough conditioned air to the far end of the house. The far rooms will feel chilly in the winter and excessively warm in the summer. Even if the residents are snowbirds who spend winters down south, they still must deal with the uncomfortable rooms during hot weather. A contractor such as Four Seasons Heating & Cooling often can resolve this problem by adding an additional duct and vent to the rooms where climate control is lacking.

Homeowners may notice they have humidity problems all year. In the summer, the house is too humid even when the central air runs. In winter, the air is much too dry. Whole-house dehumidifiers and humidifiers resolve these issues. The devices are connected to the furnace and work in opposing ways. The dehumidifier draws moisture from the duct pipes, so it doesn’t come through the vents. Whole-house humidifiers, in contrast, add a precise amount of moisture. The system can easily be switched from one to the other or turned off altogether when preferable. Many times, people just want to enjoy having the windows open and enjoying days with moderate temperatures and dew points.

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