The Advantages of Zoning for Air Conditioning Services in Sarasota FL

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Air conditioning services in Sarasota FL include creating zoned areas in a house, so one thermostat doesn’t control the entire building. With zoning control, room thermostats can be set at different temperatures, signaling dampers throughout the heating and cooling system to open or close in response. This saves energy and increases comfort for individuals in various rooms. Someone working in a home office, a person sleeping in the afternoon because he works nights, and a family member studying at the kitchen table may all have their own preferences for comfortable temperatures. With a zoned system, the home office can be kept at 76 degrees, the occupied bedroom at 74 and the kitchen at 78.

With zoning, air conditioning services in Sarasota FL allow the family to save energy by shutting off conditioned air to rooms that aren’t being used. In some cases, an entire section of a home can do without climate control overnight or at other times. A person who works in a home office 40 hours per week when everyone else is gone won’t need to have central air conditioning flowing to the bedrooms, for example. If the office is downstairs and there is a second story, that upper story doesn’t need to stay as cool as the first level does.

These systems, as installed by a company such as  have a control panel near the main equipment. This panel functions as the communications center, instructing mechanical parts of the system what to do. In turn, that panel is wired to the thermostats and responds to their settings.

Obviously, when several people want to be together in the same room, they’ll need to come to an agreement about the optimum temperature. Compromise will likely be required. Everyone in a family may want to participate in a family meeting in which these types of agreements can be set up informally. The temperature for movie night in the family room and dinner in the dining room might be 76 degrees. Someone who likes it warmer can put on warmer clothes. A family member who likes it cooler might use a floor fan.

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