Choose the Certified HVAC Techs from First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning

by | Aug 7, 2017 | HVAC Contractor

Making a choice to install a new air conditioning system is a surprisingly complex decision. If you are moving from another form of air conditioning to a central air conditioning system, or even a mini-split air conditioning system, you know that installation will involve significantly more than simply changing out your compressor unit and have probably asked questions about the other components of the job. However, if you are replacing an existing unit, you may not realize that most air conditioning installations involve checking your entire HVAC system to ensure that your new equipment can function efficiently and effectively. While an improper installation will not always keep your equipment from functioning at all, it will keep you from getting many of the benefits of a new system. In addition, an improper installation could actually lead to hazardous conditions that can put you and your family at risk of things like fire or gas build up in your home.

Unfortunately, most of us are not HVAC specialists, making it difficult to know how to choose a professional to install our new air conditioning systems. After all, every air conditioning company in New Jersey makes the implied promise that their technicians are qualified to handle installations. How can the consumer tell which ones are telling the truth? At First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning, we believe that consumers should not be afraid to ask some questions before hiring a company to handle a large job like an air conditioner installation. Some questions we suggest:

  1. Do your HVAC technicians receive continuous education, which keeps them up to date on how to install and service air conditioning equipment from all of the major brands?
  2. Does the technician have experience installing and/or servicing this brand and the specific type of air conditioner that will be installed?
  3. What is your guarantee and, if I experience problems with a new installation, how quickly will you have a technician out to remedy the problem?
  4. What is your established protocol for air conditioning installation?

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