Do You Know What’s Involved in AC Maintenance?

by | Aug 11, 2017 | HVAC Contractor

As a homeowner, you probably know that a properly maintained air conditioner can save you money on energy bills, increase the unit’s lifespan, and cut down on major repairs. It’s so quick and easy to schedule a maintenance appointment that you may not put much thought into what the technician does to make sure your air conditioning runs at peak efficiency. A technician must check many components of a unit when performing AC maintenance in Jacksonville. Keep reading to learn more about some of the tasks involved in maintaining an air conditioner unit.

Making Adjustments

To effectively cool your home, the AC unit must be free of obstructions that prevent it from distributing air. If necessary, the technician will clear any debris from the system and make adjustments to the unit. Tightening a loose fan blade is one common adjustment made by a technician who is performing AC maintenance in Jacksonville.

Lubricating Moving Parts

An air conditioner unit is a machine that has multiple moving parts. Just like with any other machine, an AC unit’s moving parts become worn as they age. In turn, this causes friction, which reduces the unit’s efficiency. To prevent costly damage, the technician will lubricate these moving parts.

Checking Electrical Connections

To make sure your AC system operates safely, the system’s current and voltage must be measured. Sometimes, rodents and storms can damage an air conditioner’s wiring. The technician will always check the integrity of the unit’s electrical connections during an appointment for AC maintenance in Jacksonville.

Adding Refrigerant

While installing a new air conditioner unit, the technician will fill it with enough refrigerant to last until it’s time to replace the unit. Over time, corrosion may cause a slow refrigerant leak. If the technician discovers that the refrigerant level is low, he will recharge your unit. However, he will also search for the source of the leak, so he can resolve the issue and prolong the unit’s lifespan.

Testing the Thermostat

It is crucial for an AC system to start, stop and run properly. If the thermostat has loose wires or corroded connections, it may not cool the air at the set temperature. If the technician notices a problem with the thermostat during his inspection, he will recalibrate it, so the thermostat will accurately cool your house.

Maintaining Your Unit

Homeowners can save money throughout the life of their air conditioning unit through regular AC maintenance. Jacksonville homes need an efficient AC system to stay cool. To keep your house a haven from the scorching heat, contact our company today to set up a maintenance appointment.

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