Combining the Replacement of Heating and Air Conditioning in South Jersey

by | Oct 6, 2023 | Heating Contractor

When homeowners know it’s time for furnace replacement, they may wonder whether the central air conditioner should be replaced during the same appointment. Combining the two projects costs less because there’s only one service call. The decision mainly depends on the air conditioner’s age and how frequently it’s been used. Consulting a contractor providing service for heating and air conditioning in South Jersey is the first step.


Central air systems last about 15 years on average. In cooler climates, they might stay in good working order for some 20 years. If the furnace and air conditioner were installed at the same time, it could be reasonable to replace them both now. Especially if the central air equipment is older than the furnace, replacing both is sensible.

Usage Frequency

The homeowners should consider how much they have used the central air compared with the heating system. In this climate, furnaces tend to run substantially more than air conditioning units do. Some households, however, like cool air enough to keep the unit on most of the time during warm weather months. Some prefer keeping windows closed to block noise and dust.


A very old unit could break down and not be worth repairing if a major component has failed. In addition, central air conditioners that are more than 15 years old are significantly less energy efficient than new ones. Having contractors who provide heating and air conditioning services in South Jersey combines the projects and thus has two distinct advantages. It saves money with just one service call and also reduces the electric bill.

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