Maintaining and Replacing Your HVAC Systems in Plainfield, IL

Illinois property owners know the importance of maintaining their heating and cooling systems. In Plainfield, residents experience mild summers and bitterly cold winters. Suppose the heating and cooling systems aren’t working correctly. In that case, it’s time to set up repairs or replacement services for your HVAC in Plainfield, IL.

Poor Air Quality

Frequent respiratory problems such as asthma and even allergies are attributable to poor air quality in the home. Clogged filters are a common reason for diminished air quality; however, if the ductwork isn’t cleaned properly, mold and bacteria could develop inside it and circulate throughout the property. Seasonal cleaning services help improve air quality. However, your HVAC professional could also install an air cleaner to minimize pollutants and allergens.

Inaccurate Temperatures and Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs for many reasons. First, you must change your air filters once a month to prevent clogged filters. Thermostat issues increase cycling due to inaccurate temperature readings. Check the batteries in your thermostat and change them as needed. A technician can evaluate the thermostat’s placement.

Direct sunlight and nearby drafts affect thermostat readings. Low refrigerant levels and faulty compressors are also culprits for short cycling. Hiring a technician to repair your HVAC in Plainfield, IL, quickly helps you avoid more complex problems.

A Complete System Breakdown

A complete system failure may require emergency HVAC repair services. Signs of system failure are tripping circuit breakers, unusual noises, unexplainable energy cost increases, and inaccurate temperature readings. You’ll feel warm air circulating from vents if your AC is failing. Faulty heating systems won’t increase the interior temperatures to a comfortable level.

Heating and cooling problems are unpredictable and could arise without warning. Some issues require total replacement of the heater or AC. If you’re having HVAC issues, contact Modern Air Solutions Inc. now.

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