Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Air Conditioner Repair in Toledo OH

by | Feb 28, 2020 | Air Conditioning

Most people look forward to the warmer weather, especially after a brutally cold winter. However, in most states, those warmer weather months bring high temperatures and humidity levels to match. Those same people wishing for warmer weather begin turning on their air conditioning systems. If those systems fail to work properly or perhaps not at all, then it is time to call for air conditioner repair in Toledo OH.

Below are some FAQ’s regarding the subject:

* What are Signs My System is Not Working Properly?

Unusually high utility bills, uneven room temperatures, strange or new sounds or smells emitted from the unit or ducts are all signs. Calling for service as soon as a problem may save a lot of money and frustration.

* How Often Do I Need to Change The Air Filter?

Most recommendations suggest changing the filter every two or three months. However, that depends on several factors, such as equipment type, how often this system is running, the type of filter used, and if animals are present indoors.

* How Often Should My Air Conditioning System be Serviced?

Usually, contact a provider once or twice a year for routine service. For those choosing twice-yearly service, the best times are at the beginning and end of the cooling season.

* What is the Average Life Expectancy of an AC System?

On average, an air conditioning unit lasts up to 20 years and may never require air conditioner repair in Toledo OH. Fortunately, the majority of manufacturer’s have replacement parts readily available saving the cost of total replacement.

* What Can I Expect During a Maintenance Visit?

One can expect an HVAC technician to check that the thermostat is operating properly, inspect and clean condenser coils and filters, inspect electrical components, lubricate any moving parts, and check refrigerant levels. Visit Website Domain for additional information on maintenance packages.

As a homeowner some of the things you can do to maintain your air conditioning unit include sealing leaks around windows and doors to reduce energy loss, clear away shrubs or plants within a six foot radius of the air conditioner unit, and consider using room-darkening shades or blinds to prevent excessive heat accumulation inside during the day.

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