Critical Services for Your Residential Air Conditioner and Its Function

by | Aug 13, 2019 | AC Repair Guide

California is home to some of the hottest and driest weather in the world. The summers in many parts of the state can be brutal and intolerable unless you remain indoors in the air conditioning.

However, constantly running your air conditioner can take a toll on its function and longevity. By hiring a contractor who specializes in home AC repair in Brea, CA, homeowners like you can head off malfunctions that can lead to expensive repairs or replacing your unit altogether.

Replacing the Thermostat

The thermostat in your air conditioner serves a vital role in cooling your home. It regulates the temperature of the air that is blown out into your home. It ensures that the air is cooled to the desired temperature.

When it malfunctions, the thermostat can cause the air to be cooled at a temperature that is too hot or too cold. The entire unit can either freeze or burn up, forcing you to replace it with a brand-new air conditioner.

By hiring a contractor who works in home AC repair in Brea, CA, clients like you can have the thermostat replaced. Replacing this small but important part can prevent the entire system from not working properly.

Checking and Refilling Freon

The level of Freon in the unit also plays a role in how well the unit works. Freon cools the air that the unit draws in from the outdoors. It chills the air to the right temperature before the vents blow it out into the home.

When the Freon is low, the air cannot be cooled. The vents blow out hot air, which is one of the first indications that the Freon needs to be refilled.

A home AC repair technician can help protect your air conditioner. The services he or she performs can ensure its longevity.

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