Easy Things You Can Do to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

by | Mar 13, 2023 | Air Conditioning Contractors

While air pollution outside may be a concern, people often forget that indoor air quality is also important. The impacts of indoor air pollution on your health depends on the pollutant present in your home. Such impacts include asthma, allergic reactions, cancer, pneumonia, and heart disease, among others.

Following the right steps to improve indoor air quality in Chesapeake, VA, will lower the risks of developing health conditions and improve quality of life.

Often Change Ac Filter

AC systems run to ensure your home has that perfect temperature daily. However, as they cycle through that air, they filter air pollutants. At the end of it all, the air filters fill up, and they stop working efficiently. That may affect the quality of your air and wear down your AC.

Check Out Air Ducts

Air ducts act as a distribution channel for cold and hot air at your home while providing a conducive environment. However, if your ducts are poorly maintained or installed, they can spread contaminants. These contaminants can accumulate in your ducts and lower indoor air quality in Chesapeake, VA.

Use Cooking Vents

Your kitchen is the primary cause of air pollution at your house. Gas stoves release contaminants such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide, while your electric burner may produce the same but at lower levels.

When cooking, make sure your kitchen vents are on or open windows to assist in filtering out the air.

Monitor Humidity

Controlling the humidity at your home helps prevent the breeding of mildew and mold that can trigger issues such as asthma and allergies. There are various options that can help maintain conducive humidity levels at your home.

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