Learn More Problems Affecting Heating and Cooling in Raleigh, NC

Are you having problems keeping your home comfortable? Keep reading to learn more about problems affecting heating and cooling in Raleigh, NC.

Poor Airflow

Airflow is important to ensure the heated and cooled air gets to all the rooms in your home. Problems that can affect airflow include dirty ductwork, mechanical problems like a damaged blower, clogged filters, and blocked vents. Contact an HVAC specialist to troubleshoot the problem and provide you with a solution.

Thermostat Placement

Sometimes, the problem isn’t the HVAC unit. Sometimes, the problem lies with the thermostat, specifically its placement in the house. If your thermostat is attached to a wall in an area of the home that’s shaded or gets a lot of sunlight, this can affect your HVAC operation. Relocating the thermostat to a different area that reflects the temperature of the house overall can get you better results. An HVAC specialist can help you determine if moving the thermostat is a good idea.

An Aging HVAC System

It would be nice if your HVAC system lasted forever, but it won’t. As heating and cooling systems age, they lose their efficiency and begin to experience more problems. If your furnace or air conditioner is approaching the 15-year mark, performance issues could be age-related. Replacing the system is likely the most cost-effective solution to avoid expensive repair costs and high energy bills.

When you have problems with your heating and cooling in Raleigh, NC, you need professional repair and replacement services. Contact the team at AnyDay Heating & Cooling for more information.

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