Frequently-Asked Questions in Air Conditioning Repair in Apple Valley CA

by | Mar 22, 2024 | HVAC Contractor

Ace Home Heating and Air Conditioning provides Air Conditioning Repair in Apple Valley CA along with heating services and duct cleaning. One of the basic frequently-asked questions they get is from customers who don’t know how to install their furnace filter. Keeping the filter clean is a good way to save money on cooling bills and prevent a breakdown. There are arrows on the filter that indicate the direction of air flow, and when you pull the filter out, look at which way the arrows are pointing. If you have the kind of filter that you can clean and replace, or if you are supposed to buy a new filter, just be sure to put the filter back in with the arrows pointing the same direction.

Another frequently-asked question customers have is if they should get a cover for their outdoor condenser unit for the winter. If it has vents on the top of the unit, then covering it will prevent debris like falling leaves from clogging the vents. These covers may also be helpful in reducing cold winter winds that can blow cold air into your inside duct system, and can save a bit of money on heating bills. If the condenser might get damaged by falling ice in the winter, you can put a piece of plywood over the top first, underneath the cover. Just be sure to remove the cover in the spring before you turn the air on again.

Customers might save more money if they completely turn off the power to the air conditioner in the winter. Just as there is always an electrical current running to your television, even when the television is off, it’s the same thing with your air conditioner. Unplugging the unit during the months it isn’t in use can save you more money on your electricity bill. You can disconnect it on your breaker panel or at a disconnect box outside.

The manufacturer and your air conditioner repair service will recommend regular maintenance to keep the system running and to prevent much costlier repairs. At least once a year, during the early spring and before you need the air conditioner, you might schedule routine maintenance to have the unit cleaned and inspected. For more information contact Ace Home Heating & Air Conditioning or connect with us on Facebook.

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