Has the Time Come to Call an Air Conditioning Service in Chesterfield, MO?

by | May 6, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

While the temperature is moderate now, things won’t be that way forever. Before the summer heat arrives, it makes sense to contact a local Air Conditioning Service in Chesterfield MO and find out if the home heating and cooling unit needs any type of attention. Here are some signs that the call needs to be made today.

The Unit Runs Constantly

The temperature is not that high, but the unit seems to run most of the time. If it runs this much now, think of how it will be when the weather really gets hot. Since it should be cycling on and off more during this moderate weather, contact a local Air Conditioning Service in Chesterfield MO and arrange to have the unit inspected. There could be some minor adjustment or repair needed that will ensure the unit only runs when necessary.

New and Disturbing Noises

The unit has always made a few sounds, but they seem to be louder than usual. Along with the familiar sounds, a few new and somewhat disturbing noises are now in the mix. The reason for those noises could be one or more parts that are in need of replacement. An inspection now will reveal if anything needs to be repaired or replaced and reduce the risk of a breakdown during the middle of the summer.

Weak Stream of Air

The unit seems to be running fine, but it seems that the flow of forced air coming out of the vents is not as strong as in the past. Even though the filters are changed regularly, the homeowner is worried about the change. A professional can examine the main unit and the ductwork to determine what is causing the weaker flow of air. In many cases, the issue can be resolved quickly and easily.

For anyone who wants to get the home air conditioner ready for the summer, call the team at Courtney’s Heating & Cooling today. The inspection will not take a long time, and the owner will soon know if there is anything that needs to be done. In some cases, the repairs can be made during the same service call, and the system will be in fine shape for the hot weather that is to come.

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