Heating Contractor in Ormond Beach FL Help Customers Make Big Changes When It’s Time

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

A heating contractor in Ormond Beach FL may install, repair and maintain several types of heating systems. Heat pumps and gas furnaces for forced-air heat systems are common, as are boilers providing radiant heat. Forced-air systems use a fan to distribute warm air throughout the house. Radiant heat is characterized by hot water in tubes or pipes that are commonly installed underneath floors.

Deciding to Switch

When homeowners are debating whether to switch from one type of heating system to another, a Heating Contractor in Ormond Beach FL can give expert insight and answer all the questions they have. When an old system finally wears out and must be replaced, this is the optimal time to make a change if it’s affordable for these customers.

Changing to Radiant Heat

One of the more common decisions is to switch from a forced-air system to radiant heat. Hot water in tubes under the floor provides more even heat in the rooms since the warm air isn’t blowing in from registers but simply rising from the surface. This is also a much cleaner and quieter option, with no dust blowing around every time the fan starts up.

In addition, if all the rooms have radiant heat, there is no problem with one part of the home being chillier than other rooms. That can sometimes happen with a forced-air furnace situated at one end of a relatively long house. The room at the other end, far from the thermostat, may never feel all that comfortable on cold days.

Florida’s Winter Weather

People who decide to move to Florida from a northern state will probably be surprised at how much they use their heating system. Temperatures often drop into the 50s overnight in the winter, and area residents don’t want to wake up to a house with an interior temperature of 55 degrees. On mornings when the thermometer reads 65 inside the house, running the heat for a short time gets the chill out.

When it’s time to have a heating system replaced, homeowners may get in touch with a company such as Arctic Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating. Contact us to schedule an appointment for an estimate.

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