Home Not Comfortable? The Following are Three Signs You Need Furnace Repair

by | Feb 9, 2021 | Air Conditioning

Is your furnace the most important appliance in your home? If it’s not working properly, you will certainly think that it is. Your furnace is what makes your home livable in the winter. If it stops working, your house can become dangerously cold or even dangerous. If you aren’t familiar with furnaces, here are some signs you need heating and cooling repair in St. Louis for yours.

Are you hearing a rattling sound when your furnace is on? This indicates a panel or screw is loose. This starts out as a small problem, but it can develop into something serious if it is left unattended. Periodically, you should stand next to your furnace while it’s running to ensure it’s not making any strange noises.

A clear symptom that something is wrong with your furnace is liquid leaking around it. This could mean you have a cracked heat exchanger, causing an overabundance of condensation because it doesn’t get burnt off. Where there is a liquid leak, there could be a gas leak, so hire someone for heating and cooling repair in St. Louis if you have a leak.

Home Not Getting Warm Enough
If the warm air blowing from your vents isn’t strong enough or your home just doesn’t seem warm enough in general, there is a problem with your furnace. Your best hope here is that you just need a new filter. It could be a problem with your heat pump, though.

The earlier you take care of a problem with your furnace, the cheaper and easier it will be. Call the pros at Classic Aire Care today to have your furnace looked at by pros you can trust.

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