Is It Ever OK to Delay Heating System Repair in Fort Wayne, IN?

by | May 2, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When the furnace breaks down as warmer weather is about to arrive, homeowners may wonder whether it’s OK to delay Heating System Repair in Fort Wayne, IN until fall. Perhaps they are very strapped for cash at the moment and don’t want to borrow money for the repair work. Does it matter if they wait until September or October to schedule this work?

The Main Reason Not to Delay

The main reason technicians who provide Heating System Repair in Fort Wayne, IN recommend not delaying service is because so many people keep running the furnace when it’s not working properly. It hasn’t broken down completely, but there are symptoms indicating a problem. Continuing to run the equipment may worsen the problem and lead to a more expensive repair project.

When It’s OK to Delay

If the household residents can quit using the equipment until they get it repaired, there should be no problem with this decision. They can’t be tempted to switch it back on if an unusual cold spell hits, however. A space heater will probably be the answer unless they have a wood stove to rely on. Of course, if this cold spell doesn’t arrive until mid-June, there may be enough money in the household budget now to schedule repair service with a company like Wheeler Mechanical Services LLC.

An Ideal Time for Service

This may be an ideal time to schedule the service since the technicians can perform the annual maintenance and cleaning of both the air conditioner and furnace at this time. That’s in addition to diagnosing the furnace problem that developed earlier in the year and making the repair. The central air system will be ready to go now that summer has almost arrived, and the furnace will be all set for fall.


Continuing to run a furnace that isn’t working properly, even if only doing so to get the chill out of the house in the morning, can result in more serious problems. It’s best to learn about a heating contractor like the one at and call for repair work before turning the equipment back on. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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