Options for Ductless Air Conditioning in Atlanta

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Air Conditioning Contractors

Air conditioning delivered via ductwork is an expensive investment. While the up side is you’ll have air flowing neatly throughout your entire house, the downside is your wallet will resemble a Wild West ghost town afterward. On top of that, not every house is built in a way that supports such a system. For instance, trailer homes don’t have the space to justify complex ductwork for air conditioning. This is where ductless AC systems come into play. What are your options in this field? If you are in need of air conditioning in Atlanta but can’t afford a duct AC system, read on for your alternative options.

Window Units

If your living space is too small to justify a duct system AC unit, a window unit might just be what you’re looking for. As the name implies, this is a type of AC unit that fits into the window of your home, circulating air around the living space. When you go to buy one, make sure you’ve measured all the windows in your house or at least the one you’re set on the unit being placed. This is vital because there’s at least one unit type for every window measurement and if you buy one in the wrong size, it won’t work.

Portable Units

If you don’t feel like a window unit is for you, there’s always a portable unit. This type of unit can be placed in the corner of your house and left there to do its work. When you choose one, though, you will have to decide between a single or dual hose system. Single hose will use one tube to pump hot air out of your building; however, this can drastically reduce the air pressure in your home. Dual hose units are more efficient, taking in the hot air, cooling it down, then pumping it back out. However, they are far more expensive.

Wall Unit

Don’t have a window for a window unit or enough floor space for a portable? A wall unit may be just what you’re looking for. A wall unit works on the same basis as a window unit. Only instead of using a pre-existing hole in your home, you would have to cut one out instead. This is the main down side to these types of units; as functional as they are, they are also quite complicated when it comes to set up. However, if you can overcome that, a wall unit is your best bet for an alternative to duct air conditioning in Atlanta.

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