Residential Climate Control Provided by an Air Conditioning Contractor in Fort Myers FL

by | Oct 14, 2019 | Air Conditioning

It can be difficult for most people living in southwestern Florida to imagine spending summers there without central air conditioning. The Baby Boomers and members of the Greatest Generation, however, remember a time when residential central air conditioning was virtually nonexistent. Today, an air conditioning contractor in Fort Myers FL stays busy installing equipment in new homes and replacing old units that have worn out.

The Benefits of Central Air

Central air conditioning makes a huge difference in the lives of Florida residents. Not only does air conditioning significantly increase the comfort of residents, it can help maintain health and even save lives. People sleep better when the home is not excessively warm, and they don’t suffer from heat-related illnesses. The rate of heat-related fatalities has plummeted by 80 percent since the advent of any type of air conditioning in businesses, hospitals, and other institutional settings as well as residences.

A Brief History of Air Conditioning

Whole-house air conditioning was not offered until the 1970s. Until then, people had to make do with window air conditioners, which were invented in the 1930s and became prevalent in residences in the 1950s. In the 1930s, these window units were extremely expensive and only wealthy people purchased them. Before the early 1900s, people didn’t even have the option of running electric fans, since those devices were not invented until that time.

Central air conditioning started to be standard in new homes in warmer parts of the country by the early 1970s. This is when populations began to grow substantially in Florida and other states with hot summers but very mild winters. Large numbers of people began heading south, knowing they could stay cool in hot weather with equipment installed by an air conditioning contractor in Fort Myers FL.

Installation in Older Homes

Older homes can have central air conditioning installed even though some additional equipment may be necessary to accomplish this. As summer approaches in southwestern Florida, area residents don’t have to feel dismayed about the impending months of heat and humidity. Instead, they can Visit Business¬†Name online to get started with an order for central air.

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