Scheduling Maintenance for Heating And Air Conditioning in Neenah, WI During the Second Summer

by | Oct 15, 2019 | HVAC Contractor

In the northern part of the country, people are happily surprised nearly every year by a phenomenon they might call a second summer. Autumn arrived weeks ago and the weather has become chilly, but suddenly, temperatures are back in the 70s again. This is an excellent time to schedule maintenance for heating and air conditioning in Neenah WI.

About Second Summers

Residents of this region tend to really appreciate the second summer because they know winter is approaching. The warm temperatures are very welcome, giving them a chance to catch up on yard work, take long walks and bike rides, and enjoy outdoor activities. The sky is bright blue against the orange, yellow, and red leaves. Knowing how short the second summer will be makes the short respite feel all the more valuable.

This period of unseasonably warm, dry weather might happen in either October or November. Technically, according to the Farmer’s Almanac, this is only an authentic second summer if it occurs in November after a very cold spell. In Wisconsin, however, residents tend to call the October event their second summer because an occurrence like this in November is highly unlikely. They are reminded to schedule an inspection and tune-up for their heating and air conditioning in Neenah WI because freezing temperatures are just around the corner.

Weather Characteristics

The unusual weather is caused by a high-pressure system that sets in after a cold spell. Humidity is low and skies are clear. The days are warm and the nights are relatively cold. Some years see two or three second summers, while others have none. If a second summer does happen in November in this part of Wisconsin, residents are particularly surprised since they are accustomed to the possibility of snowfall during this month.

Scheduling Heating and Cooling Maintenance

By November, area residents are running their furnaces regularly, so it’s best to have maintenance done before then by a contractor such as Bob’s Quality Heating & Cooling. Since central air conditioning isn’t used nearly as often in this region, most customers have that equipment serviced during the same appointment.

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