What Services Do Frigidaire Air Conditioners Need?

by | Sep 27, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Frigidaire is a popular brand for central air conditioning systems. Their products tend to be affordable and reliable, and newer models are very energy efficient. Like all types of air conditioners, a Fridigaire system requires maintenance and repairs to prevent major malfunctions and to keep the system going for as long as possible. The following are some of the top services for Frigidaire Air Conditioners.


Performing regular maintenance is the best way to maximize the life of a central air conditioning system and to ensure that it is working as efficiently as possible. When technicians perform scheduled maintenance, one thing they do is clean the evaporator and condenser coils. Dirty coils prevent or limit heat transfer, causing the system to consume too much energy and often leading to other problems as well. Other common maintenance tasks include detecting and repairing loose electrical connections, clearing clogged drain lines, and lubricating moving parts.


Even with regular maintenance, parts wear down over time and need to be replaced. Most AC repairs involve replacing parts, like a thermostat, fuse, fan motor, capacitor, or condensate pump. Getting a timely repair from an experienced technician can help the home owner keep their current air conditioning system running as long as possible and postpone the much higher expense of replacing it. Of course, if a system is very old, replacement may be the best option, and a professional HVAC technician can advise home owners when it’s time to give up on an older system.

What To Look For In HVAC Services

When shopping around for HVAC services, home owners should first look for a company that services the Frigidaire brand. In addition, it’s important to choose a company that is fully licensed by the state and certified by the brands they repair. A repair service should be willing to provide a written estimate before beginning any work, and the estimate should be based on a visual inspection, not just a phone conversation.

People who own Frigidaire Air Conditioners should rely on experienced and professional HVAC technicians to keep their air conditioners functioning as long as possible. To learn more about expert HVAC services, contact AA Temperature Services INC. You can also visit their Google+ page for more information.

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