Signs That the Air Conditioning in Clearwater FL Needs Some Help

by | Feb 18, 2016 | Air Conditioning

Even with regular maintenance, the day will come when the home heating and cooling system needs the attention of a professional. For the homeowner, the trick is to know when such a call is necessary. Here are some examples of issues that do require an expert in Air conditioning in Clearwater FL take a look at the system.

Increase in Energy Consumption

While the Air conditioning in Clearwater FL is still keeping the home at a comfortable temperature, it does seem to be running more often that usual. Since there is nothing different about the weather for this time of year, that means the system needs to be checked. In many cases, a professional will find that a part or two is wearing out. Once the replacements are made, the unit will be more energy efficient again. Along with not running as often, the homeowner will notice that the amount of the monthly electric bill will drop back to a more affordable range.

Stains Around the Vents

One day, the homeowner happens to glance up at one of the vents and notices a thin coating of what appears to be dark matter on the air vent. In fact, this could be mold. At this point, it pays to call a professional and find out if the time has come to have the duct system flushed. Doing so will get rid of any contaminants in the ducts and improve the air quality in the house. That will also mean less stress on the air conditioning unit & since there will be fewer contaminants to get trapped in the filters.

New and Disturbing Sounds

The system has always been quiet, but lately, it seems to make some sort of rattling sound when it is in operation. At first, it was barely noticeable. Now everyone can hear it with ease. A professional can find out what is causing the noise and determine what needs to be done to correct the problem.

For any type of issue with the home system, call the team at Palm Harbor Heating & Air Conditioning today. After a quick examination, it will be easy enough to determine what sort of repair is needed and get the job done as soon as the client provides authorization.

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